Saturday, December 20, 2008

Cewek Bispake yang murah dan meriah

I arrived TBK around 6pm (Monday 15/12/08) and booked ALISON hotel after reading from one member here recommend since it was near to Villa and I already arrived late. Not a good hotel I would say. Asked Ojek to send me to villa and paid him RP10000. Even at 6pm, asking price was around RP40000. I rejected and went to next villa. Finally, found one cewek and nego at final price RP300, 000 (time was 6. 30pm). Go back and bonk for 3 round. Gave cewek Rp100, 000

Next day, cewek go back. And I go back to villa using ojek. Paid him RP15000 and asked him to leave but he still waiting there. I browse around and found one cewek. Asking price was RP500, 000 and even untie type also asking for RP450, 000 which is way out from what I read in the forum (around Rp250, 000- Rp300, 000). Later managed to down from RP500, 000 to RP 400, 000. I also told mami that I come alone.

When I walk out from villa. I see same ojek and since I want to go to maxi. Then I follow him. Paid again RP15000.

Arrived MAXi and check in at 10am. Asked Villa to send cewek at 11am. But got some problem. They said got problem with police since they hear romours coming out that outside police coming in to TBK. All ceweks need to hide out at village people house. I see many uncle got angry waiting at MAxi. Finally cewek come at 4. 30pm. I was not sure whether this is common or not. Or whether this is true or not. But from the cewek story. I believe it is true. Cewek service was very good. She is very slim and petite. Another 3 round of bonking. Gave cewek RP100, 00 tips.

Got to know from this cewek that ojek coming back (after send me to Maxi) and arguing with mami asking for his commision. At 1st mami don't want to give. Finally, surrender and gave him rp50, 000. Wtf

Next day catch ferry at 1pm.

Please comment on the price. Whether you also facing this same price. And how to avoid ojek got unnecessary commision. Better to give it to cewek.