Saturday, December 20, 2008

International Sex Guide "tanjung balai karimun"

eAfter all preparing what can be prepared (forums, PM, phone, etc), we depart for Tg. Balai on Saturday (friend can't get off work on Friday evening). First incident happen when we found out we have to be at Habour Center to buy tickets 1hr prior to departure. OK, waited 3 more hrs for 11:20am ferry. Thank Sony for PSP (delay time killer).

Ferry took about 1.5hr to arrive (forgot, was asleep, and sea sick). When I arrive at the jeti, the kofa already see us and waved at us. Got chopped off 2 Singapore Dollars at the immigration for the damn stamp.

Kofa bring us to Gabion and arrange for deluxe room. 200K per room. Then we go for Villa and Rukko. From now on, I am going just write my own experience. Went to Villa first, oh boy, Do not come on weekend, its like leftovers from a party. Not many girls left. I didn't find any in Villa, and most quote around 550K-700k. To my delight though, the language they spoke, I can understand most of it, be it Hokkien, Indon, etc.

Did not find any in Rukko either, but did not want to spend the night alone, so pick one that I think is OK, from CK. Stats are below:

Name: Lina or Lani (forgot)
Age: 24
Breast: 35-36D (to my surprise)
Butt: 7
BJ: Didn't give, but I didn't ask.
Service: None given, but I didn't ask.
Kiss: Not allowed.

She let me DATY her, and she came. So I continue to fuck her. But I think she is not for endurance, can't feel any response from her pussy. So I stopped, and I ask her, she said she had a fever the night before, and had medicine in the morning. Although the sex is OK, but it is not what I wanted. So, I let her sleep, and out with kofa and friend for dinner.

Kofa suggest we go to look again. Went to villa, found one, but want to look for more. Went to Rukko, there is almost none left. So, went back to Villa and took the one I think is ok. Ask kofa to call Lani/Lina back, but did not ask for refund, seeing she is still a good girl.

Friend also got another one, and got partial refund from the one he actually complaint. We got 2 and went to “Silver river” for seafood. These 2 are complete different experience, they treated us like masters, pick fish, give us rice, etc. Oh yeah, the change cost more, but well worth it. Seafood is nice as well.

Went back to room, chat a bit, I usually don't do sex right after meal, so turn on the TV and chatted a while. Stats below:

Name: Ani
Age: 21
From: Villa 3
Breast: can't guesstimate, but really saggy, she said it was due to too much ice/ecstasy.
Butt: 9
BJ: 11 (out of 10), she tried a lot to deep throat me.
Kiss: 9
FS: 11, oh she is a s**t (sex enthusiast), we fucked for 5 hrs.

After the TV, she started to kiss me, and caress my brother. But I said, need more rest, I actually ate a lot of prawns. She just starting to rip my pants off, and started to give me a BBBJ by kneeling down while I am standing. Few deep throats in between. I was thinking, this is probably best money I ever spent.

Pushed her to bed and undress her. Her pussy is shaved, so I did no wait to bath and just started DATY and also AR. She seems to like my service, and pulled me upwards and started french kissing me. She could not wait and wanted to ride me, I had to remind her that we need to put condom on. Fucked about 30mins, and she said she can't take it anymore. I needed a time out as well. She went to bathe, and I went to wash as well. She is not so confident of her saggy tits.

Long story short, we fucked some more after her bath, this time I gave my shot. Rested, she wanted to eat, we went out and bought something back. She said she wants to sleep, but caress me again, I started my attack, and we did for another 2-3 hrs. Went to sleep around 3am.

She woke up around 7:30am. I fully awake around 8:30am, while she already finished all her bathing and ready to go. Tipped her 100k and got her number.

Ate lunch and off to ferry and back to Singapore.

Prices at Tg. Balai changed a lot since the last post here, and it is weekend price. I'll make break down for future brother heading to Balai.

Ferry: 57 Sing dollars (returning)
Hotel: 200K (Gabion, deluxe room)
Cewek #1 Lina: 350k
Cewek #2 Ani: 450K + 100K tips
Lunch #1: Bak kut teh, 14k per person
Dinner: Seafood, a lot , 290k (me, friend+2 cewek)
Lunch #2: Shop opposite Gabion, 15k per person

As you can see, stuff in Tg. Balai is much more expensive now. Not really that “budget” anymore.

For me, I have my list of things that I brought to Balai that I think might benefit others for reference:

1)Lots of condoms that you like. None of my cewek had them, I used 7 in total.
2)KY Jelly, or other lubs.
3)Mouthwash, if you kiss and DATY
4)Anti-bacterial soap.
5)Personal entertainment, for me, its my PSP. Really, only fucking and more fucking in Balai, not dare to wander into Bravo or other clubs.
6)Vitamin V, if you need.

Thanks to Traveler1234, CyclopUnicorn and Wet Nose for information.

Hope my report help other brothers heading to Balai in the future.

Safe Hunting.